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Warranty period is 24-months

Warranty Terms:
  • The warranty includes device malfunctions resulting from battery manufacturing work for 12 months and does not include the device
  • Warranty does not cover malfunctions resulting from misuse
  • Warranty that includes the device, breakage, water or electric current
  • Repair the device out of warranty
Terms and conditions for maintenance of HEXA devices during the warranty period:
  1. Check the same part about the right in the part about the warranty. The replacement process should take more than 4 days
  2. The maximum limit for military maintenance is 14 days. After this time period, data recovery, the indoor unit, the same as Silver, complete with the original warranty period
  3. The customer must keep the tax purchase building from the warranty certificate attached to the device in order to preserve the right of the customer.
Replacement Policy:

Within 14 days from the date of purchase, purchase the device with another new device, refund the value of the device, and then refund the purchase tax invoice.